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Given embedded one to one mongoid doc, I can't really get the difference between building and creating actions.

Here what they state:

building and creating

From the parent side, documents in the embedded child can be initialized or created using the specially defined methods.

# Create a new child name given the provided attributes.
person.build_name(vorname: "Heinrich", nachname: "Heine")

# Create a persisted child name.
person.create_name(vorname: "Heinrich", nachname: "Heine")

... can anyone enlight the diff ? Thanks in advance luca

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When you call create_name, you're saving the embedded object to the server. When you call build_name you're just initializing the embedded model, you still need to call save.

This only applies if the parent document has been saved to the server already, otherwise create_name functions exactly like build_name.

For example:

person = Person.first
person.build_name(vorname: "Foo", nachname: "Bar")


person = Person.first
person.create_name(vorname: "Foo", nachname: "Bar")

Are the same thing.

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thanks for your expl, now is clear :-) – Luca G. Soave Jul 8 '11 at 19:38

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