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I have a web service that freezes deadlocks on the lock command.


I feel that this is caused by application pool resets.

Is there any way that app pool resets could cause the lock to become a forever lock?

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Don't lock on instances of Type! In general, you should never lock on something that someone else could lock on. –  jason Jul 8 '11 at 21:02

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I can't exactly comment on what is happening with regards to application pool resets, but perhaps you should try locking on a new object, instead?

  private readonly object myLock = new object();

  void DoSomething()
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Corrected. Thanks Henk. –  Armbrat Jul 8 '11 at 20:37

Not normally.

App pools are process isolated. The only way you can get a problem is when the app pool can't shutdown due to that deadlock. (This would be a DOS and therefore likely a bug in IIS.)

Thinking of it now, really, this could be your problem. You are locking on a Type (typeof MyServiceType). Could you try locking on something else (that perhaps wouldn't prevent unloading the containing assembly from the AppDomain in IIS?). Something like the following is idiomatic:

 public class MyServiceType : //....
      private static readonly Object _lockObject = new Object();

      // ....

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