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  1. I need to exclude feed items having a mobile number in them. Mobile numbers are 10 digits long or 12 digits longs with a + sign before it. I have used filter module but am unable to find the regex. The mobile numbers are like 9876543210 or +919876543210

  2. I also need to exclude feed items having more than 1 @ symbol feed sample: @stack @overflow blah blah

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  1. A regex matching such numbers could be \+\d{10}(?:\d\d)?\b.
  2. A regex for a string with 2 or more @ is @[^@]*@

To check if any of the regex match you could use something like:


Use whatever logic you have in pipes to invert the match result and exclude posts if matched. Or you could use negative lookahead like so:


(Not sure if all those regex features are supported in pipes.)

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