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I'm trying to create dynamic page links, I currently have it like this...

  <c:forEach var="page" begin="1" end="10">
    <a href="/servletmapping/${page}">${page} </a>

On each page there are 10 rows, thus using the above code allows you to see 100.

How can I make it more dynamic? Let say, if I had 200 rows in the DB, I wouldn't be able to go to page 11 without changing the end value... obviously thats not convienient.

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Use <c:forEach var="page" begin="1" end="${myBean.lastPage}">

where getLastPage is defined as

public int getLastPage() {
    int result = list.size() / NUMBER_OF_ITEMS_PER_PAGE;
    if (list.size() % NUMBER_OF_ITEMS_PER_PAGE > 0) {
    return result;
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have a look at displaytag http://www.displaytag.org/1.2/

Works well.. but you may find yourself limited re. styling..

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