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I have tried to do the same as the sample says but using JSON instead of XML

Smart GWT Tree

When i do it using XML, it works perfectly, but it only loads first childs when i use JSON.

Here is the XML:

<errors />
        <name>Checho Project</name>

And here is the JSON:

     {"project":[{"id":1,"name":"Bee Project","sprints":
                    {"id":5,"name":"Checho Project","sprints":

private ProjectDS(String id) {

    // setRecordXPath("/Employees/*");
    // DataSourceTextField nameField = new DataSourceTextField("Name", "Name", 128);
    // DataSourceIntegerField employeeIdField = new DataSourceIntegerField("EmployeeId", "Employee ID");
    // employeeIdField.setPrimaryKey(true);
    // employeeIdField.setRequired(true);

    DataSourceTextField idField = new DataSourceTextField("id", "Id", 128, true);

    DataSourceTextField itemNameField = new DataSourceTextField("name", "Item", 128, true);

    DataSourceField reportsToField = new DataSourceField();

    setFields(idField, itemNameField, reportsToField);



Did anyone deal with this?


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Use the JSON object in this fashion then you will get the solution

        [{"EmployeeId":4,"ReportsTo":1,"Name":"Seg 1", "Job":"Chief Operating Officer","Salary":260000},{"EmployeeId":192,"ReportsTo":4,"Name":"Leg 1","Job":"Mgr Cap Rptg Dist","Salary":460000},{"EmployeeId":5,"ReportsTo":1,"Name":"Seg 2", "Job":"Chief Operating Officer","Salary":260000},{"EmployeeId":193,"ReportsTo":5,"Name":"Leg 2","Job":"Mgr Cap Rptg Dist","Salary":460000}]
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I use "Javascript Overly Types" for my JSON parsing

Take a look here, if you want to know more: http://googlewebtoolkit.blogspot.com/2008/08/getting-to-really-know-gwt-part-2.html

They are pretty easy an work really well!

PS: Sry that I can't help you with your example...

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