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I have extended User via AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE to include a ManyToMany field to Projects the user is involved in.

I want to reverse the relationship, and get the Users associated with a given Project.

My users have profiles (I've successfully returned them with related_projects = u.profile.projects).

related_users = project.userprofile_set.all() is giving me something - {% for user in related_users %} {{ user }} {% endfor %} yields User Profile for: richlyon. But I can't get {{ user }} to yield any fields. I've tried {{ user.username }}.

Question: am I going about this the wrong way? And if I'm not, how do I get field information out of a reverse relationship on an extended User profile?

Thanks as always for your time.

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Your 'profile' object is not a User, nor is it extending User (in an object-oriented sense). Rather, it's a separate model that has a ForeignKey to a User.

User > Profile > Projects

In the code you posted, it looks like you're expecting a User object to be returned from the project.userprofile_set.all() query set. However, these are going to be your intermediate profile objects from which you can then access the user.

Something like this:

related_profiles = project.userprofile_set.all()

{% for profile in related_profiles %} 
    {{ profile.user.username }} 
{% endfor %} 
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... and thanks for the explanation, and solution - which works perfectly. – Richard Jul 9 '11 at 7:53

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