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I created a custom menu item in Appearance > Menus and would like to be able to specifically target it with CSS; however, I don't know how to assign it an id or class? Thanks for the help.

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Try reading the codex, you can pass two parameters to you wp_nav_menu call. One for menu_id and one for menu_class.

As Lollero said above, the menu items themselves will automatically have class's and ID's given to them.

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Im not super familiar with the menu creation that way.

But when you create a new page it will automatically get class that points to the page with its ID.

for example:

.page_item .page-item-5

and the last number(s) represents the id of the page. Which you can check from the page edit section in the admin panel.

( edit: it was like five in the morning and i missed that theres actually 2 classes. Regular and specific. Also this is a <li> tag which contains the <a> tag

Note that there is also


which is automatically created.

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