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I found background-color:rgba(), but this only specifies a background color's alpha. Is there something similar for the background image, when the image is specified using the CSS3 background-image()? If there is no pure CSS3 solution, what's the most elegant way to do this?

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I dont think there is an option for this.. i usually just use a PNG and make it the appropriate transparency level when saving it out. –  prodigitalson Jul 9 '11 at 2:45

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Simply have a container the same size on top with a background-color fill of your percentage rgba white.


html {
    background-image: url(blah.jpg);

body {
    background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.5);

Note that this technique won't work if you require the background image to be translucent on elements overlapping other elements.

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Since the fourth parameter in rgba() defines the opacity you probably want to define background-color: rgb(...) the line above the style so it'll work on older browser - css-tricks.com/2151-rgba-browser-support . –  Yzmir Ramirez Jul 9 '11 at 3:04

You could add a div whose sole purpose is to be the background, and give it an

opacity: 0.5;

Then have a sibling div that contains your content positioned on top of it.

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div.gallery   {
   background-image: url(...........);
   filter :alpha(opacity=0.8);
   opacity : .8;

Any children of this element inherit its opacity, if that is a problem do what JD Parsons said. The filter property is for IE. [example modified from CSS3 Visual Quickstart Guide]

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