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I am playing with Weld-SE. I have a project which has pluggable modules. With one module, weld works. When other module, which uses weld-servlet-core, is put on classpath (with it's deps), CDI stops working, giving errors like "Unable to resolve dependency XY" or (after removing that @Inject) this:

Exception in thread "main" org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException: WELD-001417 Enabled interceptor class <class></class> in jar:file:/mnt/ssd1/data/.m2/repository/org/jboss/jawabot/JawaBot-core/2.0.0-SNAPSHOT/JawaBot-core-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar!/META-INF/beans.xml@11 is neither annotated @Interceptor nor registered through a portable extension
    at org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.Validator.validateEnabledInterceptorClasses(

Although the class has @Interceptor (and the same class works fine with the other module).

When I debug WeldBootstrap#startContainer(Environment environment, Deployment deployment), deployment.beanDeploymentArchive.beanClasses contains the interceptor ("").

I've checked the dependencies and TattleTale report, they all seem fine.

Any ideas what should I look at / try next?

The project is at To see the error, run mvn dependency:copy-dependencies java -cp ... org.jboss.jawabot.JawaBotApp Or simply run the web module in NetBeans.

Thanks, Ondra

Update: JIRA:
Also, I found that it might be caused by a bug in Weld's scanning extension, <weld:scan>.

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It was caused by using Weld's scanning extension, <weld:scan>:

An <includes> element contained package wildcard which resulted in matching classes in both "packages" (which is .jar in CDI / Weld's terminology IIUC).

I am not sure if I used it improperly or it's a bug.

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