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I need to include some codes in my html document

I've tried <pre> tag, but that didn't help.

How do I get this code into a document like text?


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Short Answer.

Encode your code using an online HTML Encoder and then put it inside pre

    <%--your encoded code goes here--%>

Long Answer.

The above will only help you to show your code. If you want proper highlighting for your code, Try something like SyntaxHighlighter

Link: How to use SyntaxHighlighter.

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@downvoter: whats wrong? please elaborate –  naveen yesterday
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You have to use html entities. Example:

   Some Stuff

should be

   Some Stuff

and it will render as the first one

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You can use <pre> tag. Each time you insert any texts within the <pre> tag it wont get parsed as html document. One caveat though, if you try to put an opening HTML tag inside the pre tag, you have to do it like this:

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You can use a combination of the <pre> and <code> tags. The <pre> tag retains the formatting , and the <code> tag outputs in monospaced font. Wrap the <code> tag in <pre> tag, and paste whatever block of code in the <code> elements body. This will output like the following:

<pre> <code> function(){ var myVar = "This is code"; return myVar; } </code> </pre>

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This won't work for HTML tags. The tags themselves have to be escaped. –  GordonM May 2 at 10:48
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