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when I double click Mainwindow.xib file the Interface Builder does not open. I did some research but I could not solve it, I encounter with the same question on many websites but there is no solution.

I do not know the application type is important or not, I mean I have created iPhone Window-Based, iPhone Navigation-Based but the Interface Builder did not open.

Another thing is I use MonoTouch trial version, I do not know if it might be the reason for this. What can I do to solve it? Thanks for advance.

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Try this: navigate the project directory, find your xib, right click on xib file and choose open with IB. Maybe it could fix your problem.... – Lorenzo B. Jul 9 '11 at 12:33
There is also a checkbox to "open always" with IB. This is similar to associating file extensions in windows. – jonathanpeppers Jul 9 '11 at 21:34

The issue was that interface builder (xib) was not installed. I fixed this by reinstalling everything as indicated on this page:

But when I installed the Iphone SDK, I selected all components including the Mac API option.

Hope this helps:)


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