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I have 20 lines of string seperated with "\n"

I have 2 fields to put this string into

$field1 is limited to 10 lines of string

$field2 can store unlimited lines of string

How do I run a php code to seperate the string into 2 fields.

The 1st-10th line will be stored in $field1.

The 11th-20th line will carry over to $field2.

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$array = explode("\n", $text);
$field1 = implode("\n", array_slice($array, 0, 10));
$field2 = implode("\n", array_slice($array, 10));
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works perfect! thank you so much! – Arnold Porche Villaluz Jul 9 '11 at 7:23
  • do an explode by "\n",
  • iterate through the resulting array
  • put the first 10 results in $field1
  • put the rest in $field2
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$file_array = file($file_name);

$int = 10;

foreach ($file_array as $line)
if($int >=0){


You can always trim the lines to get rid of the \n .

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preg_match('/^((?:[^\n]*\n){10})([\w\W]*)$/', $str, $matches);

$field1 = $matches[1];
$field2 = $matches[2];  

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