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Is it possible to preview image (on upload) before saving across all the browsers. I have implemented this way for Firefox:

document.getElementById("preview-photo").src = what.files[0].getAsDataURL();

this works fine, and, for IE

document.getElementById("preview-photo").src = what.value;

this docent work and same case with other browsers like Chrome and Safari. Currently I can see preview only in Firefox, other browsers not showing preview.

Please, advise me how to work on this.


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Why is this tagged with ruby-on-rails? This doesn't seem at all specific to Rails – davidcelis Jul 13 '11 at 20:35

There's no completely cross-browser way to do this due to security settings in most browsers preventing file control access.

This may indicate a work-around for FF3, IE7, and a handful of other cases:

How to upload preview image before upload through JavaScript

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