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I have created a function to search all double lines in a file.

I use the "line-number"g/.*/d to delete the line.

However I would like to confirm if a line has to be deleted or not, like the s/..//gc command

Is it possible to delete a certain line with the global or substitute
command and confirm every action?

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Why not try a substitute command instead of the delete command?

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Thank you, that resolved my question :) –  Remonn Jul 9 '11 at 9:52

If I wanted to delete lines in a file and confirm each one, I would:

  • search for the first one
  • if I want to delete it, press dd
  • search for the next one with n
  • if I want to delete that, press ., else n again
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it is not possible in my case. I do a check of every line with every other line and put the double line numbers in a list. Then I use the \%l code to put them all in a @/ variable and return it to the file. There in my opinion no way to "go to next" using a \%l in the search. –  Remonn Jul 9 '11 at 8:08

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