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I am trying to connect UITextField to file's owner. Though i have taken

  IBOutlet UITextField *txt1

But i am not able to connect the outlet

enter image description here

Can you please suggest what could be wrong?

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My suggestion is checking the type of the file's owner.

It should be exactly the same type as the class where you declared IBOutlet UITextField *txt1.

Also, ensure that IB knows about the outlet (i.e., it lists it in the outlet pane for your file's owner).

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From the popup you have open, click and drag from the circle next to New Referencing Outlet to the File's Owner. If you can't see an option for txt1, click on the rightmost of the three buttons above the label View in the top bar. The right pane will appear In the right pane, click the third icon from the left (on the top), and make sure the Class under the Custom Class heading is set to the same class as the file's owner.

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Sometimes there is a problem with the class file name. In my case I made a refactory (rename) and forgot to change the custom class attribute for the file's owner, as show in the screen shoot:

enter image description here

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I think you have not declared @property in .h file and synthesize it..

u may require to declare property in .h file like this:

@property (nonatomic, retain) UITextField *txt1;

and synthesize in .m file like this..

@synthesize txt1;

make sure "@synthesize txt1" comes after @implementation..

I hope that will help according to my knowledge.. :)

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