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I'm looking at doing some basic date/time manipulation using SQLite however the documentation isn't very clear. All I want to do is add some minutes that already exist in the same row in the database. I have a datetime, and then a duration. So I want to get the start date/time as well as the end date/time. I've looked at something along these lines:

I see you can use datetime, but you have to specify a 'localtime' which doesn't seem to work.

Basically, I want the equivalent of DATEADD in SQL Server.

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datetime(strftime('%s', start_date) + minute_count * 60,  'unixepoch')

start_date – your start date;

minute_count – count of minutes as integer.

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Perfect. Exactly what I needed. –  Kieran Senior Jul 9 '11 at 9:16
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This is how you add 15 minutes to the current datetime.

SELECT datetime('now', '+15 Minute');

Please post more details on your table structire and sample data if you need further clarification.

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