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I have found a problem of access size on my Galaxy Tab emulator.

Some of its button are hidden from me so I am unable to run my application because I cannot see the button.

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Use the scale display to real size option when you start the emulator to scale the screen of the emulator.

I just found that the android plugin in Eclipse doesn't show this option if you just hit the run button, but you can still access it when you start the emulator from the Android SDK and AVD Manager tool which you can open from Window -> Android SDK and AVD Manager tool.

PS: I know this because my laptop screen resolution is 1024x768, most tablets and some phones don't even fit in this, this option is a life saver for me!

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Change your PC screen resolution. Increase resolution.

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It is already on High resolution at 1366*768 which is high and recommanded by the sysytem or os..... – Amit Jul 9 '11 at 9:10

IF you are calling the emulator from within eclipse, you will probably hit a brick wall there. i hope i am proved wrong, but, from what i have gathered, there is no access to how eclipse calls the emulator, so it leaves a big chunk offscreen, even at post 1080p resolution.

maybe it is my installation that is faulty, but when i try the answer number 0 above, i get an error.

failsafe solution: you must call the emulator using command line. then it is a piece of cake: use the SCALE option and you will be fine.

having said that, i bought a couple of android phones for development. even on a machine overclocked for fullHD video rendering, it is still painfully slow to use the emulator. read about ARM emulation for specifics. bottom-line: emulator is an emergencial resource and not a tool for streamlining development.

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