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i'm pretty new to regular expression and i was wondering if you can help me find a regex that can find me only the url's from those vars,

basically there is a space always after the url.


$var1 = 'http://www.asdasgdst.com/thebook.html Result: chosen nickname "doodoo"; success (from first page)';

$var2 = 'http://adfhdfdfcvxn.com/blog/2008/12/28/beginnings/comment-page-1/#comment-8203 Result: chosen nickname "zvika"; success (from first page);';

$var3 = 'http://sdfsd.sdfjstestgg.com/453980.html?mode=reply Result: chosen nickname "sharon"; success; not working;';

$var4 = 'http://www.yuuyok.net/index.php?sub=community&site=posts&thread_id= Result: chosen nickname "kelly"; success (from first page);';
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What if there's a space in the URL? –  Johnsyweb Jul 9 '11 at 9:53
should be %20 –  Karoly Horvath Jul 9 '11 at 9:55

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i'd go for:

preg_match('/(http:[^ ]+)/s', $var, $arr);
$url = $arr[0];

just in case the var isn't starting with http

besides, in order to test it you can try this regex (or any other):

(http:[^ ]+)

at: http://www.regextester.com/

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I think this will do the trick:

preg_match('~^(http://.*?) Result:~', $var1, $match);
$url = $match[1];
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thank you all, you have been a great help –  idan bachar Jul 9 '11 at 10:41

You can just use explode for this, which will be much more efficient.

$url = array_pop(explode(" ", $var1, 1));
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If all the string look like that then simply:

/^([^ ]*)/
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try with:


This should match all the strings that are starting with http until a whitespace is found

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