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I have this project that has a set price for a certain amount of hours, I need to add more money to the overall total for each hour after 5.

My script already calculated the time by counting the hours:

Which outputs like, "15" or "9.5" or "3.5" or "7" etc.

Let's say that 5 hours is £50, how would I add an additional £15 for every hour over the 5 hour limit.

This includes if a user going over by ".5"

(So 5.5 hours would be £65 and 6 would be £65)

Any help would be great, Thanks!

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Subtract 5 from the number of hours, ceil() / round() the number and multiply by 15? You ceil() if you want any part of an hour to be charged, whereas you round() if you want to charge only if the fraction of the hour is .5 or higher.

$hours = 5.5;
$amount = 50 + ceil(max(0,$hours-5)) * 15; # 65
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I added a code example, round is probably even better because you can specify a flag how it should be rounded, so it's more flexible for modifications. And it has a precision specifier. – hakre Jul 9 '11 at 12:10

I assume that anything belove 5 hours is 50.

$price = $val <= 5 ? 50 : (50 + (int) ceil($val-5) * 15)
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Assuming I've understood you correctly, are you looking for something like this:

$total = 50;
if($hours > 5) {
   $total += ceil($hours - 5) * 15;
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