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I'm just getting into testing and I'm wondering how to write steps for RSpec specs, so I can reuse a lot of functions such as logging in, etc.

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Usually tests should be in isolation from one another; if a lot of your tests need to do the same thing, that suggests that they're duplicating some work. But sometimes that's unavoidable -- you'll frequently need to have a logged-in user handy to test authenticated things, for example.

Especially in the case of Ruby testing, chances are very good that someone has already written a library to solve the specific problem you want. For example, it's very common to need some data existing before an operation can be tested properly -- and that is why factory_girl exists.

If you want to do behavior-driven integration testing that walks through all the steps a user would actually do, you should use Cucumber instead.

If you want to reuse methods across different places, you can put shared code in spec/support:

# spec/support/consumable_helper.rb
module ConsumableHelper
  def consume(consumable)
    calories = consumable.om_nom_nom

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.include ConsumableHelper

If you want to test the same behavior in multiple areas, use shared_examples_for and it_behaves_like:

shared_examples_for "a Consumable" do
  it "should be delicious" do
    subject.should be_delicious

  it "should provide nutrition" do
    subject.calories.should > 0

describe Fruit do
  it_behaves_like "a Consumable"

describe Meat do
  it_behaves_like "a Consumable"
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Right, +1, doc here: rspec.info/documentation –  apneadiving Jul 9 '11 at 14:55
Irrelevant side-note. I prefer to use an indefinite article... shared_examples_for "a Consumable" and it_behaves_like "a Consumable". I just find the DSL reads better :) –  d11wtq Jul 9 '11 at 14:57

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