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In the root model I have:

[self.rPrices replaceObjectAtIndex:0
                        withObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:(float)nR4]]; 
NSLog(@"%.2f", [self.rPrices objectAtIndex:0]);

where rPrices is NSMutableArray.

nR4 is not zero but the above NSLog(...); displays zero.


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Try this

NSLog(@"%.2f", [[self.rPrices objectAtIndex:0] floatValue]);

or alternativly just print the NSNumber as an object

NSLog(@"%@", [self.rPrices objectAtIndex:0]);
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NSNumber is an object. So you can't print it using float format specifier "%f".

You can use "%@" or get the float value from it using -floatValue and print it using "%f".

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