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What is the CSS equivalent of the <big> element? If I'm not mistaken then wrapping your text in the <big> element is not the same as setting a larger font-size.

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Google Chrome says:

big {
     font-size: larger;

That should be the corresponding CSS. Anyway, make sure not to use tags like big since they go against the rule which states HTML should be used to describe the content, not the appearance. You could go for something like:

<span class="important-text">My important text</span>

And use this in CSS:

span.important-text {
     font-size: larger;

Which is the correct form, whereas

<big>My important text</big>

is incorrect.

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Excellent, Thank you! the <big> element is deprecated. That's why I asked. –  Web_Designer Jul 9 '11 at 19:24


<span style="font-size:larger">...</span>

is a direct equivalent of the <big>

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The W3C says:

BIG: Renders text in a "large" font.

So setting a larger font-size should be fine.

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font-size:200% = font-size:2.0em = <big><big><big>
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