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I will have UInavigation controller and UITableView, it will be long scrolling list,for each cell I need to show some radiobuttons. checkboxes, date entries and textboxes. Since Iphone does not have these controls and considerding that I already Use UITableview and UINavigationContoller what is the best and easy practise here to show radiobuttons and checkboxes?

  • pickerviews and putting them into a alertshield
  • show them as tablelist items and multi/checkable
  • using pickerview popping up from bottom as I have seen in some apps but dont know how to do that?
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the iOS SDK doesn't include a radio button or checkbox UI element, so you will have to make one, unless you just want to use UISwitch. Checkboxes… Radio buttons – Sean Ringel Jul 9 '11 at 15:40

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The second choice is probably your best one. Look at how the Settings app lays things out: that should give you a good idea how to organize your options. Checkbox-able items are usually UISwitches; option-button-y ones are usually rows in a table view, with their corresponding UITableViewCell set to use UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark as their accessoryType if they’re selected.

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tnx If Im using a subclassed custom UITableViewCell, then can I use this approach? cause in custom cell there will be question label and unknown number of options that are multi selectable..? – Spring Jul 9 '11 at 20:55

Radio Buttons: If the user has to select one among many items, you can use UISegmentedControl.

Note: This method won't be a good solution if there are lot of items the user has to choose from.

Check Boxes: You can implement this using UIButtons with some images like check boxes or something, and with some logic.

Note: You can also implement radio buttons in this method.

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Checkboxes can be done by subclassing UIControl. For future use I've already done this and all you have to do is download the link below from GitHub. Also includes a sample project on how easy it is to use:

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