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I have a warning I can not easily remove from my build, every time i run ":make" from inside vim the quickfix takes me to some header file I don't care about. How can I prevent VIM from doing this and only showing me warnings and errors I do care about?

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Check :h 'errorformat' (aka &efm), there are options to ignore warnings as long as you can recognize them with a pattern.

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As Luc Hermite said, it is possible to ignore warnings using 'errorformat'option. Adjusting this option is a little bit complicated; it may be helpful to check $VIMRUNTIME/compiler for some examples.

When working with avr-gcc and C++ some annoying warnings like this

tests.cpp:492: warning: only initialized variables can be placed into program memory area

shows up, and it is likely to be result of a compiler fault.

To avoid that this warnings being displayed on quickfix window I've add this to ~/.vimrc:

compiler gcc
set errorformat^=%-G%f:%l:\ %tarning:\ only\ initialized\ varia
            \bles\ can\ be\ placed\ into\ program\ memory\ area

The %-G can be used to specify patterns to be ignored. The ^= in set errorformat^=... is used to prepend the ignored warning pattern to 'errorformat' -- using += (set errorformat+=...) would append to the option and wouldn't work, as 'errorformat' is a list of formats and the first one that matches is used, thus the "normal" warning pattern would apply instead.

Maybe you could adapt these settings for your environment.

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A quick and dirty way would be to write a simple shell script that runs your make and greps out the warnings you don't want to see. Then have vim use this script instead of make (Add "set makeprg=yourscript.sh" to your .vimrc).

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Learn from Bram himself.

I can vaguely remember he talks about this somewhere in this video.

He adds a filter to ignore some gnome warnings when he's compiling gvim.

The video's well worth watching anyway.

It's around the 30 minute mark.

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To build on what mMontu suggested, adding this to my .vimrc did the trick for me (ignore all warnings from my gcc compiler)

set errorformat^=%-G%f:%l:\ warning:%m

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