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how can I use & operator betwen BYTE and INT?

it is said here:

however in php its working but in c# not...


if ($flag & 1)


if (flag & 1)
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You have to be more precisely about "not working". However I am sure flag & 1 == 1 will solve your problem. – ba__friend Jul 9 '11 at 16:09

The flag & 1 part is working - but if requires a Boolean expression. So you can do:

if ((flag & 1) != 0)

Note that you have to put parentheses round the & expression as != has higher precedence (binds tighter) than &.

If you're working with a set of flags though, it's usually a better idea to use an enum. For example, look at BindingFlags - you might use:

if ((flags & BindingFlags.Instance) != 0)

That increases type safety (so you know you're trying to compare it with the right kind of flag) and reduces the use of magic numbers.

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Try like this:

if ((flag & 1) == 1)

The & operator returns an integer in C# whereas if expects a boolean expression.

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