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Is it possible to determine the Form name in ASP.NET MVC 3? Or at least get the auto-generated name?

I think it should be an option of Html.BeginForm and Ajax.BeginForm but it isn't. I already googled it but didn't find anything.

I need it because I'd like to submit the form using jQuery. By the way... Is there a helper method for generating form submition code in JavaScript?

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MVC does not autogenerate a form name. But you can pass an explicit one in:

Html.BeginForm(actionName: null, controlleName: null, method: FormMethod.Post,
               htmlAttributes: new { name = "YourName" })
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I think our two answers complete each other. <3 :) – Kon Jul 9 '11 at 16:36

BeginForm takes a IDictionary<string, Object> type htmlAttributes parameter where you can specify the form name.

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