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Im trying to show a list of views for the logged in user. The list consists of the db entities for the user which i can retrieve from them db. Im trying to bind the correct address to the current view. What i would like is a list of views (urls) in the format:


I know I can use SHtml.link but can anyone suggest how I can achieve the desired url? My code is below:

myUserResults.flatMap{userResult =>
   Helpers.bind("result", xhtml,
     "id" -> userResult.id,
      "title" -> userResult.title,
      "link" -> {SHtml.link("/result?id="+ userResult.id + "/" +userResult.title) }
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Anyone suggest how I can achieve the above? –  Santiago Jul 11 '11 at 18:38

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Managed to work it out. A Request var is needed:

"link" -> {SHtml.link("/result?id="+ userResult.id + "/" +userResult.title, myRequestVar(userResult), Text("Result"))}
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