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I have got 2 ajax requests being fired on one of my pages, and I need to wait for both of them to load before displaying data to the user. What is the best way for managing this?

The ajax requests are sent from 2 seperate classes which expose a MakeRequest(successCallback, failedCallback) method, as im sure you can tell the relevant callback is invoked when the ajax completes.

These are both invoked within a controller (using knockoutjs), here is an example:

// Some JS File
function SomeController(ajaxService1, ajaxService2) {

    this.model = ...

    this.bothAjaxRequestsComplete = function() {
        ... Do something on view

    this.invokeFirstAjax = function() {
        ajaxService1.MakeRequest(firstAjaxSuccess, firstAjaxFailed);

    this.invokeSecondAjax = function() {
        ajaxService2.MakeRequest(secondAjaxSuccess, secondAjaxFailed);

    var firstAjaxSuccess = function(data) {
        ... Do something on model

    var secondAjaxSuccess = function(data) {
        ... Do something on model

    var firstAjaxFailed = function(...) {...}
    var secondAjaxFailed = function(...) {...}

var someController = new SomeController();
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I've found using a "deferred" works pretty nicely for this kind of stuff. They allow you to easily define a list of actions that should execute, and a callback / list of callbacks.

I believe they introduced a jQuery deferred object in jQuery 1.5

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Brilliant, thanks! –  somemvcperson Jul 9 '11 at 21:13

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