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When I'm designing immutable objects, case classes are incredibly handy because of the auto-generated copy method.

But case classes have their own problems: they shouldn't be inherited from and they give you an extractor even if you don't want one.

So sometimes I have to use a garden-variety Scala class. The problem is that then I have to write my own immutable API, which can be pretty repetitive:

class Debt(principalBalance: Double, name: String, endDate: LocalDate) {
  def withNewPrincipalBalance(bal: Double) = new Debt(bal, name, endDate)

Is there a more scalable way to do this? Is there a compiler plugin I can use?

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see stackoverflow.com/q/3900307/203968 –  oluies Jul 9 '11 at 20:40

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I don't know about a compiler plugin, but you can define a copy method just like the one generated in case classes using named arguments in combination with default arguments.

class Debt(principalBalance: Double, name: String, endDate: LocalDate) {
  def copy(principalBalance: Double = principalBalance,
           name: String = name,
           endDate: LocalDate = endDate) = new Debt(principalBalance, name, endDate)

This is not as repetitive as separate methods for each property (withNewPrincipalBalance) and makes it possible to disallow changes of certain values (for example the creation date).

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