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I have entity that has a version. It has composite primary key where one part of it is id of an entity and other is version. I want to create many-to-one mapping to this entity, and I need to have the latest version on the many side of this mapping.

For example:

 class SomeVersionedComponent {
     private Long id;
     private long version;

 class ManyMappingSide {
     private Long id;
     private SomeVersionedComponent component;

     @ManyToOne ///????
     public SomeVersionedComponent getComponent() {...}
     public void setComponent(SomeVersionedComponent component) {...}

I do not need to save version information in ManyMapingSide, I just need to have only id, and when ManyMappingSide is loaded I want to have the latest version of SomeVersionedComponent.

How can I implement it?

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This sounds very similar to the versioning supported by Hibernate Envers. You might want to look at that and incorporate it into your design instead of trying to make your own versioning scheme.

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