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Django doesn't seem to be able to import modules from a subdirectory.

I've got a file structure like this:




when I store a script in app_folder, i can import it, so the command 'from project_folder.app_folder.module import *' works, but I get a module not found error when I do 'from project_folder.app_folder.subdir.module import *'

How do I get around this? I just want to keep my files nicely organized

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have you got an __init__.py in your subdir? Python needs this file to treat a directory as a package.

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put an import in the init file of your app (not subdirecotry). I have this structure and the following import in init.py file app/views_dir/group_views.py The following line is the only line of code in my init file

from views_dir.group_views import test

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