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What do you guys use to manage all your clients' login credentials? For each client I have 4-5 sets of usernames and passwords saved in an encrypted excel spreadsheet. I hate doing it this way.

I'm looking for some kind of software or service that can:

  • Save my client contact info, notes, etc
  • Securely store the various credentials.
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You didn't really specify what the login credentials were used for but I'd recommend you take a look at implementing a SQL database (MySQL, PostgresSQL, etc) for this. You can encrypt the passwords via a hashing algorithm (usually SHA-1 or MD5). You can also add everything else (client contact info, notes, etc) in the database.

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I use the credentials for my records... for example my clients will have ftp credentials, google analytics creds, etc. – orourkedd Jul 12 '11 at 1:02
Your clients must have a lot of trust in you. Is this excel spreadsheet encrypted via password protection? It can be broken pretty quickly if that's the case. Really, the best bet is to use a database and you'll be able to store all this data in an easy to lookup way. – serk Jul 12 '11 at 1:05

What about ?

I have tried it and use it for 3 years.

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