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If you visit the URL below you will see that the graph is being generated properly, but that there are not labels along the x and y axis to indicate the data values:


Can anyone figure out how to get the x and y axis data values to show up?

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According to the API, you can do this through the chxX parameters:


chx1: make custom values as labels chxs and chxtc: to specify color, size, alignment, and other properties of both custom and numeric axis labels

Let me know if you can't figure it out.

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I am specifying chxr=0,0,45,2|1,0,45,2 but the axis values still do not show, any ideas? EDIT: was missing the CHXT parameter to specific the visible axis –  dmck Jul 9 '11 at 22:29
Good! Glad you figured it out. –  WattsInABox Jul 9 '11 at 23:12

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