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Possible Duplicate:
Plotting 4 curves in a single plot, with 3 y-axes

I have three vectors of data: A, B, C, that are function of time t (same t-values to 3 of them). I want to plot all three in same graph (3 different curves), but MATLAB makes them all relative to the same Y-axis, and since they are in different scales (one is from 1 to 100 and another from -5K to +5K), it minimizes the small-scale curves to nearly zero.

I just want to see how they are synchronized, but I don't care about the size relation between them. How do I do that ?

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Yes... thank you for directing me there. I couldn't find it myself (blushing...) – Tar Jul 10 '11 at 10:46
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Since you have several variables, you may to consider to scale them to some common reference, for example summing up. Like:

A= A/ sum(A);
B= B/ sum(B);
C= C/ sum(C);


A= A/ sum(abs(A));
B= B/ sum(abs(B));
C= C/ sum(abs(C));


A= A/ sum(A^2);
B= B/ sum(B^2);
C= C/ sum(C^2);

And then just plot them.

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