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I have a table with the following columns


itemID contains a string with multiple ideas, (ie. [54] [60] [96] [30]) as it is a set of IDs, only some entries have an itemspecialid which is actually only associated with one [itemID] of the set.

I am actually using java, so I will be parsing each [itemID] entry using myString.contains("[60]") which will have retrieved an itemID string set from the database, and then compared within myString looking for a particular value.

What would the SQL query be for selecting rows with [itemspecialid]'s populated? Once I get the basic query I can figure out how this is done within my language

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Not sure I understood correctly, but if you want to get the rows where itemspecialid is not null, the query is

select itemdate, itemID, itemspecialid from mytable where itemspecialid is not null

It's a bad idea to store multiple information inside a single column. You should have a separate table to store the itemIDs of your items.

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+1 : That does seem to be what's being asked, and I too grimace at the idea of a single field with multiple IDs stored as a string. –  MatBailie Jul 9 '11 at 23:56
you're right - now that I'm looking at this problem again after a break. Earlier I was hung up on some SQL basics like how to address a second table with a common key so I opted for using an element that I already knew I could search. (string) –  CQM Jul 10 '11 at 0:25

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