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In some applications like Mail, when you have a UITextField, there is a little + button to the right. When you tap it, a modal view controller comes up which you can select a phone number, address, etc from, and it will appear in the text field. I was wondering how to implement this in my own app. Thanks,

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If you want the plus button inside the text field, take a look at the rightView property of the UITextField class, which lets you put any UIView in the right-most portion of the text field. You can put a UIButton there, as created with

[UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeContactAdd];
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You can do this by

txtFldObj.rightView = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeContactAdd];


you can also refer to this trick also

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Tnks Man! ... I forgot the ViewMode ... you saved me :P – Gabriele Aug 12 '11 at 10:40

You can do this by having a regular UIView that contains a UITextField and a UIButton as subviews.


| UITextField       | UIButton|

When the button is tapped you can bring up the address book picker (or anything else) as a modal view, and when it closes update the text field as necessary.

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