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I'd like to develop a photo album that sits on S3 and has captions. I know that I could create a database table that points to S3 locations and also has relevant captions associated with each image. However, I'd really prefer avoiding that process and just read everything within a folder in S3 and use that to create the gallery. The first part is easy, but associating a caption with it is more difficult for me.

Has anyone come up with a solution to essentially have a bunch of photos sit on S3, associate captions with those photos, and avoid using a database to link each photo to a caption?

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You can use S3 metadata to store captions.

In any case, I suggest you have good caching server, otherwise hitting S3 for every image may cost you.

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In addition to Alex's answer, you can also add a caption to the image in Photoshop or a server-side scripting language, and when the photo has been downloaded/opened from AWS S3, use the server-side language to read the file's METADATA/IPTC caption field. This is what I do, but I also have a database with stored captions for SQL's FULL-TEXT searching capabilities.

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