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What does this kind of declaration mean in c++?

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It is a reference variable which is initialized to point to the specified cell in m_vSOMETHING

So a declaration of

int &reftotable = table[42];

Will produce reftotable as a variable which reference cell 42 in the table, similar to what

int *pointertocell = &table[42];

would do. In the first case with the reference you can assign reftotable like it was a normal variable

reftotable = 37;

where in the other case you will have to do

*pointertocell = 37;

to do the same thing -- that is, in both cases table[42] will contain the value 37 after the assignment.

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SOMETHING is a reference to a CSomething and you are assigning the m_iSOMETHINGth element of m_vSOMETHING to that reference

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