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At the moment I have a method that prints Ints

def printList(args: List[Int]): Unit = {

How do I modify this so it is flexible enough to print a list of anything?

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Since println works on anything:

def printList(args: List[_]): Unit = {

Or even better, so you aren't limited to Lists:

def printList(args: TraversableOnce[_]): Unit = {
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Why use existential types (_) if you can use Any due to covariance? I think TraversableOnce[Any] is clearer. – Kim Stebel Jul 10 '11 at 6:10
mkString is the way to go – Diego Aug 7 '12 at 14:53

You don't need a dedicated method, the required functionality is already right there in the collection classes:

println(myList mkString "\n")

mkString has two forms, so for a List("a", "b", "c"):

myList.mkString("[",",","]") //returns "[a,b,c]"
myList.mkString(" - ") // returns "a - b - c"
//or the same, using infix notation
myList mkString ","

My example just used \n as the separator and passed the resulting string to println

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You just need to make the method generic

def printList[A](args: List[A]): Unit = {
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def printList[T](args: List[T]) = args.foreach(println)
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