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anyone help...:D im creating a personal calendar schedule while Im learning PHP. I come across to a part where I need to set a particular condition and then output will only display if condition will be meet. See notes.

$n = 50 $n must not be greater than or equals to 20 [ if ($n >= 20) ] else { $n - 10 }

will only print if $n less than 20

is this possible?? my friends told me to use recursion however i'm not that familiar with it still trying to learn.


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I'm sorry, but you need to show more code on what you want to accomplish. Your question doesn't really make sense. – deiga Jul 10 '11 at 5:49

I believe you are asking about a while-do

As per the PHP Manual:

 $i = 0;
do {
    echo $i;
 } while ($i > 0);


do {
    if ($i < 5) {
        echo "i is not big enough";
    $i *= $factor;
    if ($i < $minimum_limit) {
   echo "i is ok";

    /* process i */

} while (0);
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Is this what you're trying to do?

if ($n <= 20)
{echo $n}
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// $n starts at 50
$n = 50;
// so long as n is above or equal to twenty, subtract 10.
while( $n >= 20 ) $n -= 10;
// at this point, n will *always* be less than 20, so we'll out put it.
// print is one way to output n.
print $n;
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I think I get what your saying. You want to deduct 10 from the value of $n until you get below 20?


$n = 50;

while($n >= 20){
   $n = $n - 10;

echo $n;

If $n is less than 20, it will never go into the loop and it will be left alone.

IF $n is greater than 20, it will start deducting 10 and will not preform the echo until $n is less than 20

If you pass in 18, you will echo 18.

If you pass in 50, you will echo 10 (because 20 is still >= 10 so it will deduct once more)

If you pass in 48, you will echo 18

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Thanks a lot i did learn a lot i will bookmark this site very helpfull – naZgul Jul 10 '11 at 6:36

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