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Do you see anything wrong in this switch statement. IE8 executes step 3 twice. That's the problem.

function controlLoader(step) {
    switch (step) {
        case 1:
            $.rayanAjax('/NewSitePurchaseWizard.aspx/GetSiteTitle', null, function (result) {
            }, null, $('#wizardWrapper'));
        case 2:
            $.rayanAjax('/NewSitePurchaseWizard.aspx/GetTemplates', null, function (result) {
            }, null, $('#wizardWrapper'));
        case 3:
            $.rayanAjax('/NewSitePurchaseWizard.aspx/GetSubDomain', null, function (result) {
            }, null, $('#wizardWrapper'));
        case 4:
            $.rayanAjax('/NewSitePurchaseWizard.aspx/GetLogin', null, function (result) {
                if (result.substr(0, 8) == 'userName') {
                } else {
            }, null, $('#wizardWrapper'));
        case 5:
            var data = { userName: '', templateName: '', lookName: '', subDomain: '', siteTitle: '' };
            data.userName = $('#userName').val();
            data.templateName = $('#templateName').val();
            data.lookName = $('#lookName').val();
            data.subDomain = $('#subdomain').val();
            data.siteTitle = $('#siteTitle').val();
            $.rayanAjax('/NewSitePurchaseWizard.aspx/CreateSite', data, function (result) {
            }, function (error) {
            }, $('#wizardWrapper'));


My scenario is that, I have a wizard with 5 steps and on each step, when user interacts with the step, (s)he clicks next button. On click of next button, I validate step and if it's valid, I simply call this function, passing the index of the next step. On the load of next step, I simply replace the HTML of the wizard's content with the HTML sent from server. Everything (all steps) work fine, but the step 3. I removed everything from step 3 (created a blank step), but case 3 still gets executed twice. adjustStep() function simply sets the height of the current wizard (nothing more).

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i would start by debugging what is getting passed into the function. I highly doubt IE8 is executing case 3 multiple times, unless 3 is being passed in twice – Jim Deville Jul 10 '11 at 7:15
It got nothing to do with the switch. How do you call controlLoader? Please explain and post relevant code and I'm 99% sure the problem is there.. – Shadow Wizard Jul 10 '11 at 7:23

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