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Simply put, I have a domain xyz.com, I want pc.xyz.com to point to my pc IP (which is dynamic)

any available solutions?

I need a Mac client to update the changing IP, and a service to run on my domain to get those updates.

Something like http://www.dyndns.com/

( I have a domain from Dreamhost if that helps..)

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You can set up a CNAME entry so that pc.xyz.com is an alias to a dyndns name. I know that doesn't strictly answer the question of how to run a dyndns-like service yourself, but it will achieve the effect you described with a minimum of effort.

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How to set up DNS service dynamic / static is a good place to start. Technically, the concepts are not difficult, but much easier if you use a DNS server that is able to use MySQL or some other database. For example: MySQL BIND SDB Driver ...

The project was started so that we could automatically create sub-domains for user's homepages on account creation.

By far this is the easiest approach and allows you to write a very thin client that can send a quick web request to your system to update the DNS based on your new IP ... Maybe even build your own REST API ...

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I've donne something like that using php to get the computer IP and then some cpanel hacks to change the IP on record. It work... well... dyndns suffer from less cache. – TCB13 Sep 13 '11 at 1:55

You could combine cron (or, since you're using a Mac, launchd) and the DreamHost API to achieve the result you want, as described here.

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