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I'm trying to drop a database from PgAdmin 3 and I get this error message:

ERROR: can't delete current database
SQL state: 55006

how can I force the delete/fix this error, of this database?

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Quick fix in PgAdmin: just create another empty database. Select it. Delete the first one. Voila.

You can also connect to the command line without selecting a specific database, and drop your database.

The problem here is not that other users are connected to the database, but that you are.

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"You can also connect to the command line without selecting a specific database, ..." - not true. Probably you're misled because when you start psql and do not specify a DB name psql tries to connect to a DB named after the user you have specified (or the system user if that's missing too). – Milen A. Radev Mar 24 '09 at 23:10

Instead of creating new database he can simply connect to postgres database, which is created by default in all new PostgreSQL installations. And even if it is not there - template1 should be always there.

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