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I have the button:

<asp:Button runat="server" OnClientClick="return ValidateNewMessage();" OnClick="PostComment" ID="AddCommentButton" CssClass="nice-button" Text="Add Your Comment" />

It is on the URL:


When I click the button, it takes me to:


This is making my scripts work strangely, I really need the button to just keep it's URL format and not include the querystring data, is this possible easily? So fater clicking it, the page is still:


The post comment method is as follows:

/// <summary>
/// Post a comment
/// </summary>
public void PostComment(object sender, EventArgs e)
    CommentResponse CommentResp = CommentCommon.NewComment(NewComment.Text, this.ThisUser.UserID, this.Anchor);

    if (!this.ThisUser.IsLoggedIn)
        CommentResp.Status = CommentError.NotLoggedIn;

    // Error messages
    if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.CommentsPostedTooQuick)
        DiscussError.Visible = true;
        DiscussErrorMessage.Text = "You are posting comments too quickly";
    else if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.ExceededCommentsPer3Mins)
        DiscussError.Visible = true;
        DiscussErrorMessage.Text = " You are posting comments too quickly";
    else if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.NotEnoughChars)
        DiscussError.Visible = true;
        DiscussErrorMessage.Text = "Comment is not long enough";
    else if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.NotLoggedIn)
        DiscussError.Visible = true;
        DiscussErrorMessage.Text = "You are not logged in";
    else if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.UnspecifiedError)
        DiscussError.Visible = true;
        DiscussErrorMessage.Text = "Unspecified error.";

    // Posted ok, redirect to last page
    if (CommentResp.Status == CommentError.Success)
        int TotalComments = CommentCommon.CountComments(this.Anchor);
        int TotalPages = (TotalComments + Settings.CommentsPerPage - 1) / Settings.CommentsPerPage;
        Response.Redirect(this.PageNavURL.Replace("$1", TotalPages.ToString()) + "#comments");


The problem occurs when the status ISN'T success, when it redirects it works fine.

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What does your form definition look like? – Kon Jul 10 '11 at 12:52
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The following code does the redirect.

Response.Redirect(PageNavURL.Replace("$1", TotalPages.ToString()) + "#comments");

The URL appears to be based on the PageNavURL property. You need to change that property or the code so it results in a different URL.

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This isn't called with the problem pages im having. When status == success it works fine. When status doesn't equal sucess, it skews the page URL. That's the problem, not that redirect line. – Tom Gullen Jul 10 '11 at 13:08
That's not what your original question said. And that's not what your code says. If there is no redirect, then it's simply posting back to the original URL. What does PageNavURL look like? – Jonathan Wood Jul 10 '11 at 13:10

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