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I am considering an architecture where I have clients that are intermittently connected to a network. I would like to store messages created on these clients in a JMS queue when the network is not available and have these forwarded to a central message broker when the clients are on the network. (The user has control over the network, e.g. dialing in, so it's not an intermittent connection like with a mobile phone.)

Are there any JMS implementations that provide this feature?

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You can embed an activeMQ broker into your application


Then, I suppose (did not test) that you could use ActiveMQ features which allow you to dispatch messages accross a net of brokers, using the discovery of brokers feature,


or simply by adding a queue consumer server side, then dispatching through other brokers through this consumer.

Hope it helps.

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Might also want to make that queue persistent. – Robin Mar 20 '09 at 12:35
Interesting! I have been evaluating ActiveMQ as a JMS provider. Is there any way to programatically control whether or not the embedded broker is attempting to send messages? I would like to disable the broker if the client is not ready to send messages. – Ken Liu Mar 20 '09 at 13:20

The Glassfish Open Message Queue can be embedded (or run stand-alone) in version 4.4 (Support the ability for a broker to run "in process" with any client.). It is very light-weight, and will support other client languages over the STOMP protocol in version 4.4 - besides Java and C. - https://mq.dev.java.net/4.4.html

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