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I'm using

.w400 { 
  width: 400px; 

.w110 {
  width: 110px;

.w600 {
  width: 600px;

is it possible to make dynamic class with sass?

something like

.w(size) {
    width: size+px
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If you want to be able to use arbitrary .w(something) classes, I believe (see below) that is not possible with Sass. However, if you know beforehand what sizes you need, you could use mixins with arguments to generate the classes. Something like this:

@mixin width-class($size) {
  .w#{$size} {
    width: $size * 1px;

You would use it like this:

@include width-class(400);
@include width-class(110);

This generates the following CSS:

.w400 {
  width: 400px; }

.w110 {
  width: 110px; }

Now, if you want to avoid writing a new @include line for each of the classes, you can create another mixins (or combine the two mixins into one):

@mixin dynwidths($size-list) {
  @each $size in $size-list {
    @include width-class($size)

Now you can pass it a list of widths. This generates the same CSS as above:

@include width-classes(400 110);

Note: This is just a guess, but wildcard class names might be possible by extending Sass with Ruby. However, I'm not sure if this is a desirable feature.

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