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I have the following in a simple form;

<form method="post" action="inc/core.php">
    <input type="textbox" name="lognick" value="samp" />
    <input type="password" name="logpass" />

I'm trying to get their value through;

var logname = $("input[name=lognick]").val();
var logpass = $("input[name=logpass]").val();

logname always returns "samp" (the default value) and logpass undefined. I also tried using .attr("value") but it's the same outcome.

When trying to use it on a blank page it works flawlessly. Here's the whole onclick function;


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Could you make a jsFiddle that illustrates the problem? – Steve Wellens Jul 10 '11 at 15:17
Depending on your jQuery version, could you try .prop('value')? – pimvdb Jul 10 '11 at 15:18
I'd use ID rather than name – bevacqua Jul 10 '11 at 15:19
Do you have more form elements with these names? – Felix Kling Jul 10 '11 at 15:19
The logpass name used twice on this page. Try this: var logpass = $("input[name='logpass']").get(0).value; – Yuriy Rozhovetskiy Jul 10 '11 at 15:33
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I can't replicate the problem and I am able to access the value fine. The password box has no value so it should be undefined.

See this JSFiddle.

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Have you tried $('#some_id').val() or document.getElementById("some_id").value ? If they don't work, are you calling the function in correct place? It can happen, that the code (JavaScript I suppose) is run in the writing phase of the form and not after you're typing the values.

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