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NOTE: This question is (in part) related to: Simulating events on UIElement's without inheriting on Windows Phone 7

I have made a custom user control using this:

public class MyClass : ContentControl {
    public void SomeMethod() {
        // ...

But I am not able to call the RaiseEvent method of ContentControl. IIRC, ContentControl inherits from UIElement, but why do I get the error saying that RaiseEvent is not defined in this context?

I'm using Silverlight (Windows Phone 7), so is it an issue due to that, since it is a subset of WPF and I've been dealing with a lot of lack of functionality in Silverlight.

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This is a list of UIElement members in Silverlight:


and this one members in WPF (.net 4.0)


Apparently this method is not included in Silverlight (and WP7).

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