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As asked here, I need to run a Circumflex action only if a condition is met. Currently, I do it like this:

get("/") = requireLogin {

Now Circumflex supports Matchers, which can be put right within the get() specification:

get("/mail" & Host("localhost"))

How can I write my own matcher, so the above requireLogin gets closer to the Circumflex style? I wish to write something like this:

get("/" & IsLoggedIn) = {
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you can write something like this now: get("/?).and(IsLoggedIn) = { ... } –  RyuuGan May 16 '13 at 6:41

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Here is a simple implementation. All it takes is to define an object with the desired name, extending from AtomicMatcher (as this one implements add() etc) and implement the name and apply methods:

object IsLoggedIn extends AtomicMatcher {
    def name = "IsLoggedIn"

    def apply = {
        // Not shown: figuring out whether user is logged in or not
        if(loggedIn) {
            Some(List(new MatchResult(name)))
        else {
            throw new ResponseSentException;

If the user is logged in (ie. the action can be executed), you need to return a list of at least one MatchResult. If you don't want to execute the action, do something else and either return None or throw a ResponseSentException, which seems to be the preferred way.

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