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Here is a working C# implementation of tarjan's cycle detection.

The algorithm is found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarjan%27s_strongly_connected_components_algorithm

public class TarjanCycleDetect
        private static List<List<Vertex>> StronglyConnectedComponents;
        private static Stack<Vertex> S;
        private static int index;
        private static DepGraph dg;
        public static List<List<Vertex>> DetectCycle(DepGraph g)
            StronglyConnectedComponents = new List<List<Vertex>>();
            index = 0;
            S = new Stack<Vertex>();
            dg = g;
            foreach (Vertex v in g.vertices)
                if (v.index < 0)
            return StronglyConnectedComponents;

        private static void strongconnect(Vertex v)
            v.index = index;
            v.lowlink = index;

            foreach (Vertex w in v.dependencies)
                if (w.index < 0)
                    v.lowlink = Math.Min(v.lowlink, w.lowlink);
                else if (S.Contains(w))
                    v.lowlink = Math.Min(v.lowlink, w.index);

            if (v.lowlink == v.index)
                List<Vertex> scc = new List<Vertex>();
                Vertex w;
                    w = S.Pop();
                } while (v != w);


Note a DepGraph is just a list of Vertex. and Vertex has a list of other Vertex which represent the edges. Also index and lowlink are initialized to -1

EDIT: This is working...I just misinterpreted the results.

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The above is actually correct, I did not understand what a strongly connected component was. I was expecting the function to return an empty List of strongly connected components, yet it was returning a list of single nodes.

I believe the above is working. Feel free to use if you need it!

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Question: Don't you run into the cycles when constructing the DepGraph that gets passed into the DetectCycle function? Seems like you would, and if you do, then haven't you detected the cycle at that time? –  Joe Jan 25 '12 at 14:40
Hi, found the above useful and couldn't find any other established solutions, so have just whacked it into github for others to find & contribute to: github.com/danielrbradley/CycleDetection Hope that's ok! –  danielrbradley Jun 18 '12 at 14:29

As of 2008 quickgraph has supported this algorithm. See the StronglyConnectedComponentsAlgorithm class for the implementation, or AlgorithmExtensions.StronglyConnectedComponents method for a usage shortcut.


// Initialize result dictionary
IDictionary<string, int> comps = new Dictionary<string, int>();

// Run the algorithm
graph.StronglyConnectedComponents(out comps);

// Group and filter the dictionary
var cycles = comps
    .GroupBy(x => x.Value, x => x.Key)
    .Where(x => x.Count() > 1)
    .Select(x => x.ToList())
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